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The 'Armature' series merges engineering imagery (including aircraft and antenna forms) with the human hand and arm, suggesting a sort of 'boostrap transcendence' and transformation of the self. Most are primarily made of clay (analog for the human body in many human cultures), but incorporate bronze, aluminum, and other materials.

The 'Synthetic Lifeforms' series incorporates LED light elements, electrical conponents, and luminescent paint with fired clay and cast resin, merging the natural and artificial into strange new biologically-inspired forms.

The 'Root Clamps' series derives from my move from the desert to the Midwest, and my awe at the persistence of life in a damp climate, in the face of every obstacle.

The 'Blueprint' series plays wth the evocative, rich lapis-blue of the vintage blueprint process, and uses 'plans' a a broad metaphor - the pivot point where a thousand possibilities become a single intention, the necessary precursor to actual making, no longer hypothetical but not yet truly real. Inspired by drafting, these pieces draw in space...a 1:1 scale rendering of possible reality.

My figural work spans several decades, ranging in style from the mythologically-inspired beings that I call 'observers', to the complex symbolism of my later allegorical figures, which utilize scientific and alchemical imagery in the search - half-blind but with a sense of cockeyed optimism - for true understanding.

This gallery includes my larger work, including outdoor sculpture and installation projects.

This gallery includes small bronze castings, functional pottery, and affordable production pieces.

I welcome commissions for custom work, including murals and portraiture.

Contact me:

Snail Scott

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